Group photo from group meeting via zoom, March 2021. Top: Danielle Yahne, Kate Ross, Theo Wecker. Middle: Steffen Säubert, Colin Sarkis, Daniel Shaw. Bottom: John Ringler, Gavin Hester, Andrew Treglia.


Group Members

Dr. Kate Ross (Principal Investigator)

Assistant Professor, CIFAR Global Scholar

email:  kate.ross at

Full CV found here


Postdoctoral Fellow

Steffen Säubert

email: steffen.saeubert at




Graduate Students

Danielle Yahne (née Harris)

email: danielle.harris at




John Ringler

email: john.ringler at




Andrew Treglia

email: andrew.treglia at




Daniel Shaw

email: at




Theo Wecker

email: theo.wecker at

Undergraduate Students


Previous Group Members

Muadh Al Nadabi (Undergraduate Researcher)

Cory Berg  (Undergraduate Researcher, graduated 2017)

Jesse Brown (Research Assistant)

Ethan Coldren (Undergraduate Researcher)

Tim DeLazzer (Undergraduate Researcher and Research Associate): now graduate student at Arizona State University

Tyler Dodge  (Undergraduate Researcher, graduated 2017)

Sean Fyola (Undergraduate Researcher)

Aaron Glock (Undergraduate Researcher)

Taylor Harris (Undergraduate Researcher)

Gavin Hester (PhD Student, graduated 2021): now Postdoctoral Fellow at Purdue University

Nick Lehnerz (Undergraduate Researcher)

Sia Sing Lim (Sing) (Undergraduate Researcher)

Dr. Harikrishnan S. Nair (Postdoctoral Fellow): now assistant Professor at University of Texas El Paso

Justin O’Brien (Undergraduate Researcher, graduated 2017)

Tim Reeder  (Undergraduate Researcher, graduated 2017)

Colin Sarkis (PhD Student, graduated 2021): now Postdoctoral Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Andrew Sexton (Undergraduate Researcher, graduated 2019)

Jim Shaddix (Undergraduate Researcher, graduated 2019)

Antony Sikorski (High School Student): now undergraduate student at Clemson University

Jake Walker (Masters Student, graduated 2017)

Luke Wernert (Undergraduate Researcher)

Matt Williams (Undergraduate Researcher, graduated 2020): now graduate student at Boston University